Dr. Cheryl offers to you some personal and spiritual insights about life, faith and relationships through this devotional weblog. She hopes these words will fill you with encouragement and inspiration to face up to life’s challenges and find peace.


The Communication Meter


What would God want us to do?

Have you ever been totally sidelined by what someone has said about you? Have you ever just been so sad about hurtful words that you have just stared off into space for a few moments – that seem like hours?


Tis the Season of Giving!

Now that we have finished with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is apparently the busiest shopping period of the entire year, think about whether you are better at receiving gifts or giving gifts.


Pray for Paris

The horrific killings in Paris, France on Friday November 13, 2015 have left most of us with so many feelings. Some are mixed feelings. These mixed feelings are possibly rooted in unanswered questions such as, “how can human beings prey upon other human beings and murder them in cold blood?”


Top 7 Ways to Create a Just Say It! Work Environment

Number one: Decide that positively connecting with others in the workplace is important. It is all about mindset!