Pray for Paris

Wednesday 18 November 2015 3:32 PM


The horrific killings in Paris, France on Friday November 13, 2015 have left most of us with so many feelings. Some are mixed feelings. These mixed feelings are possibly rooted in unanswered questions such as, “how can human beings prey upon other human beings and murder them in cold blood?” or “how can human beings have so much evil and hatred within them that they would plan and act out such incomprehensible crimes directly against humanity?” Questions such as these have left many of us, including the leaders of our countries reeling.

From these unexplained questions and mixed feelings we all have choices as to how we will respond to such devastation. We can give in to fear or we can stand up against fear!

I challenge you to turn around these mixed feelings and unanswered questions and to leave a “mark” on society that fully supports the fact that we will not live in fear and we will not give in to terrorism. Let’s not live with the stigma of pain and shame!

By choosing to leave a positive “mark” on society you can begin by being kinder to others through reaching out to the families of the victims from the Paris attacks. You can also choose to have an increased, purposeful gratefulness by cherishing your family members. You can also always remember to Just Say It! through the words that you speak to each other. Remember to say positive, genuine and compassionate words to others on a regular basis, not just during times of tragedy.

All of us have the choice to become “marred” by this awful tragedy or to stand up against fear and instead to leave a positive “mark”.

What choice will you make? #PrayforParis