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What would God want us to do?


Have you ever been totally sidelined by what someone has said about you? Have you ever just been so sad about hurtful words that you have just stared off into space for a few moments – that seem like hours?

This happened to me today. I was having a fantastic, cheerful day. Enjoying my work, being productive, having a number of laughs…when out of nowhere, I overheard a conversation about me. WOW! The wind was taken right out of my sails. I was shocked at what was being said about me. The inaccuracies that were being thrown about in the discussion, all about me – LIES!!

I thought, “should I jump in and let them know I am here? Or do I slink away pretending that I did not even hear?”

What would you do?

Reeling from shock, I walked away, as I did not really know how I would respond if I were to let the people know that I heard them.

As I stared off into space I thought, “what would God want me to do? How would He want me to respond?”

Well, I know what His word states, “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44, NIV).

Believe me, I need His word to know what to do, because if I am left on my own, without direction from Him, I certainly know what I would do and what I would say….as I have many times in the past.

After about an hour of time had passed…I felt a nudging deep within and a still, small voice saying, “pray for them.”

I decided to pray. I lifted them and the situation up to God. I left it with Him. At first it was hard to begin to pray for them…as I was filled with pride and hurt. However, after about a minute of praying, God really broke through for me as I asked Him to help me see them the way He sees them, through His eyes, not my eyes. For if I continue to see them and the situation through my eyes I will continue to harbor hatred and anger.

I can honestly say that now as I am typing this I am feeling much better. I decided to use this situation to find people in my own life to encourage and to speak positive words to, as I am not allowing this situation, or the harsh, untruthful words that were said about me to hold me back, to keep me in sadness and despair. Instead tonight, I am playing games with my daughter and husband, we are laughing and singing.

Thank you God for healing my heart so quickly and for allowing me to get on with my day. I pray for those people, that they will stop finding enjoyment in gossiping and start finding productive things to do and say!