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Teachers Need To Just Say It!


If you are a teacher you have the opportunity to touch many lives throughout the course of your work day.

Research has shown that students need to feel a sense of #belonging and #connection to the school. The need to belong and know that they are cared for is essential to learning. Research continues to suggest that no significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

I believe that most teachers care for students; however, students may not always receive these messages that their teacher cares. Teachers need to say and need to demonstrate to students that they care. Teachers who say and do this develop cultures of belonging within their classrooms, and their students feel connected to them and to the school community. Only then will a student know that their teacher wants to build a caring relationship with them.

Studies indicate that students will work hard for teachers with whom they connect and who they believe want to build caring relationships with them. Students who feel that their teachers want to build caring #relationships with them feel a sense of belonging and purpose.
If you are a teacher, ask yourself, how are connecting with your students? When was the last time that you told a student that you cared for them? There is so much power within the spoken word. As a teacher you hold a lot of power. You can use your words so effectively every single day to #JustSayIt and let your students know by your words, “I care”. I challenge you today to find a student and #JustSayIt, “I care”. Then watch what happens next….

If you are not a teacher, I challenge you to find someone today to #JustSayIt to, “I care”. Pass along this positive influence to others. If you allow positive words to flow from your mouth, I guarantee it will change your day and it will change the day of the person that you spoke these powerful words to.