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Interview with Linda Hobden at Boots, Shoes & Fashion

As Spandau Ballet’s song “Communication” plays in my mind, it seems a great intro to my guest this week, Dr Cheryl Bauman, whose book “Just Say It” explores the power of the spoken word.


The Communication Meter

Four things to remind us about the importance of creating face-to-face communication opportunities in the workplace. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your workplace face-to-face communication meter? Humans are the dominant species on this planet. This is directly due in part to our ability to communicate.


Newlyweds: Simple Tips on How to Accept Marriage Advice

When and how to take advice from others when it comes to maintaining a strong marriage.


Four Phrases That Will Make Your Relationship Stronger

Dr. Cheryl Bauman, author of Just Say It, shared her tips on improving your relationship with words. Here are four phrases that can make your relationship stronger.


Dr. Cheryl Bauman Shares Relationship Tips With JUST SAY IT! Book

With most modern communication across the personal and professional realms happening over email and social media, are people losing the power of face-to-face, spoken conversations?